The Boogey Man, Swim Lesson’s and Soccer

Last night we went to Sams Club to pick up some of the Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk and I told Olivia that if she didn’t behave the “Boogey Man” was going to come and get her. She then replied to me and said the boogey man was yucky. I asked her then what the boogey man was and this is what her reply was…”The boogey man is a Big Booger who is a Man that comes out of my nose and sits with me.” I was about to die laughing because that response was not what I expected. It’s so funny how children can make up their own version of what everything is in their own minds. I did however find that it was cheaper to get the milk there in the small boxes then at Walmart or anywhere else. I would have paid almost $3 for just 3 and we go through them like it’s nothing. So we found that we can get the single serve chocolate milks at Sams Club $12 something for 18 which I thought was well worth it. I wish we could get the Vanilla Milk too there but you can only get them at Starbucks.

Today was Olivia’s last day of swim class at the Y and she did so good. She was the only one that showed up for the last class and had a blast. We wore a life jacket today and got to swim in the deep end (6ft). She even jumped off the side of the pool into the water for me. Now we are going to allow her to use her little life jacket thing that we have at the house in the shed when we go swimming at Jim and Shelley’s pool. We can’t wait. At the end of the class Olivia received a certificate for the swim class. I think next year we’re going to allow her to take the swim lessons without me in the water with her. I think she will do better then compared to me being in the water with her. She was also enrolled in Soccer for the fall and I was expecting to have to pay almost $80 for the lessons but when we went to pay it was only $55. Much better on that end. I guess I’ll be expecting to have most of my Saturday’s planned with games which is fine with me. I know she can’t wait to play either. I need to mow the lawn but I will get to that one day this weekend. :o)

This weekend I will be doing some cleaning which is fine with me. It needs to get done and to tell you the truth I can get more done with Terry not home then when he is home with me and Olivia. Olivia will not mess up what I have just cleaned so thank goodness he’s returning to work tonight. I am very happy for him because for the past week we have both been getting on each other’s nerves. It’s sometimes a bother for him to be there but he’s been trying. He’s very happy that he’s returning to work as well because I know he’s getting bored at home. WellI better get going. Have some things to do.

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