Tax Free Weekend!!!

For those of you who live in North Carolina might or might not know that this weekend is “Tax Free Weekend” for you to get school supplies, clothes, computers and equipment. It’s so nice because it comes at the time that I am going to be able to grab some school supplies for my class that I’m taking and also get a new computer. I have been making plans to get a new desktop but just didn’t feel like paying the taxes on it. Well I am now able to get a computer from Best Buy that will cost me about $599 which is great and is even better because it will have the flat panel monitor instead of the large monitor like I have now. The old computer that I have I will probably be setting up as Olivia’s computer to play her games on and such. It will not be hooked up to the internet but that will be fine with me!!! I’m also going to be getting me an external hard drive to put my pictures and music on and then some. I’m not too worried about losing some of the files on there because if they were needed then I will have them on my hard drive.

I’m also going to go hit either Target or Old Navy for some new clothes. I would like to find a new pair of Sneakers (I’ll look at shoe carnival for those), some shorts and some jeans. I am in desperate need of both. We’ll see what happens though for that.

On the other note, last night I met with Elizabeth Fuson and we had a great time at Chick-Fil-A. It seems that our kids got along just great and even thanks to John for getting Olivia down from the play center. I don’t think I would have done it as fast as he went up there! LOL I think that we are going to try to make another play date for the kids. Maybe this time at a park or something. Tomorrow is Olivia’s last day of swim lessons and I will be signing her up for Soccer as well. Can’t wait to do that! It seems like it shouldn’t be starting already but the fall is almost here! Yipee!!!! I can’t wait! I love the fall and can’t wait to go to the mountains this year. Maybe this winter I will be able to go skiing with the church. I have always wanted to go but never had the money. This year I am praying that it will be different. And who knows…I might need a new ski coat too(mine is already too large thanks to me losing weight.)

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