Some Changes

I have recently made some changes to my blog. I like the other layout but it was getting difficult to make changes and so I went back to one of the other layouts on blogger. I will probably make some more changes soon but just went with this one. I also changed the header as well and thought it went well with how excited Olivia is of getting to ride the Amtrak in less than a month.

This weekend we went to the Rocky Mount Train Station and picked up our train tickets to go to the wedding in Statesville August 25th. We are leaving the 24th and can’t wait to go on the ride. Olivia was sad over the fact that we couldn’t ride the train then but she can’t wait and is telling everyone that she is going to ride “Thomas the Train” soon. It’s so cute. I wonder how I was when I rode my first train ride but then the only time that I actually can remember is when we took the Autotrain from Lorton, VA to Orlando, FL. It was the summer of 1996 and we rode down with our good friends Jessica and her family. Wow! I remember not really sleeping at all that whole time and we went through Rocky Mount around midnight or something like that. We knew at that time that we were moving and we had already found a house that we were going to purchase. It was kind of nice though in a way. That was the same year we went to Disney World and had the time of our lives. It was so much fun with 10 people and trying to figure out who was going to ride which ride first. We did however do one with some Alien Encounter thing and that was just too scary for me. I don’t like it when things are breathing down my neck and it just freaked me out to the point I was crying. We stayed a few days longer then Jess did but it was well worth it. We instead drove back home to Columbia, MD and it was a long trip home. We stopped and ate at a Waffle House and then drove by our new home, then went on back home to pack.

I can’t wait to bring my camera on the train with Olivia and I am going to get some new batteries this weekend though for it. I forgot my camera at home today and we are going to meet Elizabeth (The Whole Family) and eat dinner. My batteries are dead anyways so it wouldn’t have done me any good. I can’t wait to meet her in person and I’m sure she feels the same way. Afterwards I need to run to Walmart and pick up a few things that is needed in the house. Ok so I better get back to work. I guess I’ll update later when I get a chance to.

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