Yesterday’s swim lesson was not the best in the world. Olivia and the other two children just didn’t want to cooperate in focusing on what to learn new. I’m not so worried about it because we have two more classes and then we are finished with it. I think Olivia just has playing on her mind rather than actually swimming which in a 3 year old’s mind is not so bad. Now on with the potty training of Olivia. I have found it quite easy to do it this year rather than last year. She has done so well and I told her when she is fully potty trained then I will buy her a new toy or a new movie that she would like. She is so excited about this. Plus this is going to be big when she starts playing soccer.

On another note we are going to go to a Wedding in Statesville, NC on August 25th. We are going to probably take a train to Sailsbury and then go from there. How nice is that going to be with a 3 year old? I am going to have to take some nice things on the train and plus I’ll have to take the camera to take nice pictures too. Lately I have been going to different websites on Homeschooling and getting lesson plans and such for Olivia. I am not going to homeschool her now but I am getting her ready for Pre-K next fall. She is doing an awesome job and is well above her friends in daycare. Sometimes I just wish that I could keep her home with me and work but we all know that doesn’t work. I would get nothing completed at all!!! I have joined an online group on Yahoo and have found it to be quite helpful in getting things and activities for me to do with Olivia. Sweet!

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