Reviews on Organic Milk

I have lately decided to start drinking Organic Milk to help keep my family healthy plus it tastes better than normal milk. I can’t believe that we have been waiting so long to have something healthy like this come into our lives. Olivia loves drinking it and always requests for the milk with the red cow on it which is the Horizon Organic Milk. She has fallen in love with the little box drinks of the milk that have a shelf life on them but when it’s time that she wants one then we pop it into the fridge and go from there. She loves the chocolate milk one and the vanilla ones that we can get from Starbucks only which is a true bummer because she drinks those down in like 5 minutes.

The other day I went to Walmart where I normally get the milk from because it’s pretty cheap there and they were all out. I must say that I have noticed that you can get the milk from anywhere now. Well they didn’t have anymore of the Horizon Organics and so we ended up purchasing the StonyFarm Brand instead. Big mistake. The milk doesn’t seem as fresh as the Horizon does and it has a funny after taste. Not what we want to have at all. I have decided that next time we go to the store I will pick up another Horizon Organic Milk instead of this. It’s just not worth what I paid for and it doesn’t taste well either.

Over at 5 minutes for Mom they are having a contest there to where you can win $300 of Free Dairy Products from Horizon Organics. How cool is that? I would love to win $300 worth so that I can get the products for my family and keep them healthy. I am now more into these kinds of things and yes somethings may be expensive but I feel it’s well worth it! Click Here to enter the contest!

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