It’s Registration Time for Fall Activities!

Olivia has been asking me if she can play a sport like Soccer soon. She wants to be around other kids and I think that it’s an excellent opportunity. I think that I am going to talk with my husband and see if we can enroll her into the program that is done through the YMCA for the soccer group. She will be enrolled for two seasons which includes Fall and Spring. The games will be on Saturday’s and the practices will be on set days. Not a problem. If I am watching Kennedy one day and need to bring her to it, not a problem. I have it taken care of! This is going to be so much fun too. It’s much cheaper for us to enroll her in this compared to enrolling her into tumbling classes. She is much more interested in playing soccer than she is in tumbling. I knew having a child would be expensive but I wasn’t expecting it to be so much fun with all of these activities.

If we do enroll her we need to enroll her in before August 13th to get the $20 discount. The fee would be $80 which would include her full uniform (Shirt, Shorts and Socks). I don’t think that’s too much for a fee because it would include two seasons. She will be in the Bitty Kicks and so this would be so much fun for her plus I could put some use to my camcorder that I have and really don’t use. That way if we need to tape it when she’s playing and someone in the family can’t come and watch it…we could allow them to watch it through the camera. So cool. I knew I had the camera for something good. Plus I guess people use them more often when they have children in sports or activities like this. I can’t wait!!!

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