What a Big Girl I have!

Yesterday was the beginning of my little girl turning into a “Big Girl”. She went to school yesterday with “big girl” panties on and I took an extra set of clothes for her just in case. I thought she was going to have an accident and I was so wrong. I went and picked her up and she was dry all day long! She really deserves a treat now! We took her out for dinner at CiCi’s and she enjoyed it. Plus while in there she used the big potty as well on her own. I’m so proud of her. Then while waiting for Terry to get home Olivia and I went for a walk down the street. I did about 1/2 a mile which is really good for me. Plus Olivia and I did some babywearing and it was really nice. She was in the backpack carrier on me and that was a little harder then just carrying her on my side or making her walk. I think that this is not going to be as hard as I thought it was to take her for walks out by our house. I was sweating like a pig when we got home and Terry was waiting for me. I have to say though that next time I will only wear my tennis shoes because walking on the grass in flip flops with a child on my back does not do well with my feet.

Then this morning while we were at swim lessons she decided that she didn’t need mommy’s or Ms. Marsha’s help and so she swam a little bit on her own. Plus we have been having a problem with her getting her head wet and so we haven’t been able to get her to put her head under the water. Today changed everything. She actually swam underwater to me. I am so proud of her and I praised her the entire time we were in there. You know you have to praise the child for something that they have done good and also for what they deserve. Sometimes Olivia gets discouraged when she has an accident in her bed or when she doesn’t make it to the bathroom on the first time. I just tell her that’s ok and accidents happen. She knows that she is not to pee her pants on purpose but I have made it clear to everyone around me and that is that Olivia doesn’t need to wear pull ups anymore. She only needs to wear BIG GIRL Panties and that will help move along the potty training for us.

I am really hoping that by the end of the summer she can be fully potty trained which would require for us to do something big for her. This is a big step in her life and I want to make sure that she is loved and praised for her good work she is doing. We might take her for Ice cream this weekend…just depends on how busy our weekend really is. I know we have some where we need to be on Saturday and then Sunday we might go to a Wedding Shower. Just depends on how tired we really are from Saturday. I promise I’ll try to get pictures up here soon but I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to take any and post them. I promise I will try a little harder this time.

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