So Many Give-Aways!!

There are so many give-aways happening that I wanted to share with you about them. So many people are blogging and I have found that blogging is the best thing in the world. I can get my feelings and everything else out in the open. Well here is a list of what the give-aways are. Enjoy!

Skimbaco is giving away a Designer Children’s Necklace by DeAnna Cochran. It’s a beautiful Eternity Necklace which is Sterling Silver, Bali Silver and finished with your child’s birthstone. Go over to Skimbaco’s blog to enter!

Over at Mums the Wurd she is having several give-aways. The first one is a Tooth Fairy Pillow which is very cute looking. It is made by Dillyhearts and is a very cool concept. Go to Mums the wurds blog to enter.

FlipFlopmamma is giving away a Winnie the Pooh DVD which would be awesome for Olivia to have. She is really into the Disney movies and we probably have tons too. This is Flipflopmamma’s first giveaway so go to her blog and enter!

Today is however Friday the 13th but I feel it’s going to be lucky instead of bad luck. I have a thing that I am going to win something in one of the giveaways and if I don’t then I’ll keep entering them until I do. 🙂

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