2nd Swim Lesson

Today was Olivia’s 2nd swim lesson and she really didn’t learn anything new. There was a new girl in her class today and so they were trying to play catch up for her and so we really didn’t learn anything. Olivia was very impatient today and getting bored. I kind of felt sorry for Olivia and Colton who didn’t really learn anything new. Olivia was looking forward to learning today. Oh well, guess we might learn something on Tuesday of next week. I have told myself that within the next year I want to join the YMCA myself. I want to have the freedom to take Olivia to the pool anytime we want to and to also be allowed to do swim laps for myself. I miss doing that. Something to look forward to in the future I guess.

Well I don’t know yet what we are planning for dinner maybe something easy on my throat. I woke up with a sore throat today but I think most of it is allergies. ugh! I hate them but that’s life and you have to deal with it. Well I’m going to go for now…I’ll try to write more later and maybe add a picture.

4 Comments on “2nd Swim Lesson

  1. Yeah, Zoe took Swim lesson at the YMCA one time. I didn’t like that they spent more time sitting on the wall waiting for their turn than actually in the water. But, we have just taught her on our own and she’s swimming like a champ now at 6 in the deep end and everything.

    I have dreams of being able to afford the YMCA one day. I used to love to work out, but my kids won’t stay in the child care, so it doesn’t work for us. 🙁 One day. One day.

  2. Oh, I love the new look of your blog!! Hey are you doing anything Sat at 11am?? I’m going to a Pampered Chef Party and you could come along if you are interested…LMK.

  3. Last comment, I promise…I have read A Million Little Pieces as well. Did you see him on Oprah? She totally exposed him for making up some of the story and exaggerating it a bit. I was embarrassed for him. LOL!

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