So I just noticed that the Title box isn’t working! Ugh! The title of this blog is….My First Swim Lesson!

Today was Olivia’s first swim lesson at the YMCA in Rocky Mount. There are only 2 kids in her class so that made it easier for her to get more one on one time with the teacher, Ms. Marsha. She is a very nice lady who knows what she is doing. She took some time out with Olivia and the other little boy, Colton. Thank goodness she was better in the water today then I thought she would be. I know that it tired her out though because towards the end of the lesson she was getting cranky. She did learn how to walk, hop, kick and paddle in the water. I don’t know what she will do in her next class but I’m hoping that it will be a little more challenging. I might allow her to do swim lessons next year too just as a refresher course. She did see that the pool we were in has a slide in it and she and Colton really wanted to go in that. She’s not allowed to yet. Maybe towards the end of the lessons she will be. If not no biggy! We do have to get a small floating toy for her to use in the lessons so that she can throw it and swim towards it. Plus she will be learning how to swim under water too. On that one I will have to bring Terry to the lesson for him to take a picture. :o)

Well I’m tired and she’s probably now taking a nap. I still smell like chlorine because after the swim lesson she refused to take a shower so I’ll just take one when we get home today. That way we both will be able to smell nice and clean.

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