This weekend was filled with lots of fun and surprises. On Saturday we went on over to mom and dad’s and saw my Uncle Kenny and also saw my grandparents. It was fun with my Uncle because he was playing with his food that Olivia had given him. We all had a good fun time with that. After having that nice visit with each of them, Olivia and I headed into Rocky Mount and went to Shoe Carnival and also to The Shoe Department and came out empty handed. I will have to check the mall I guess. Afterwards, we went to Tarboro to pick up Jamie and head to the movies. We went and saw Ratouille which was a very cute movie! Olivia sat through it the entire time except for the last 15 minutes because she had to go potty. Thankfully she behaved well enough for me to decide to take her to other movies now.

Sunday we went to church and then we headed back home to my inlaws house and ate lunch. It was a good lunch too plus Olivia actually ate her entire food. Thank goodness! And on the other note it was not CHICKEN!!! LOL Well after lunch we headed over to Jim’s house to go swimming. I got a nice tan from that! we had a good time though.

Today not much is happening. Going to work some…and then go home and do some work at home. I’m so ready for a vacation but it looks like this year we’ll have to put that on hold.

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