TGIF!!!! I am so happy that today is the end of the work week. This week has felt like it just wants to drag on by so slowly I guess because we had a Holiday in the middle of the week. Not in the beginning or the end but smack in the middle. I am so sleepy today. Olivia decided to get up around 2:30am this morning because she had to use the potty and she was thirsty. Go figure. I didn’t doze back off until around 3am. ugh! At least my little girl is growing up now.

So this morning I put the backpack carrier on the deck to get some fresh air. It’s so nice out that I couldn’t help but do it. I plan on using the pack hopefully this weekend some. Maybe I will take Olivia for a walk or something like that. Just depends. I have also promised both Jamie (my neice) and Olivia that I would take them to go see the movie, Ratatouille one day this weekend. We all want to see it and so we are going to. That way Jamie doesn’t feel left out on some things. Plus it’s been out for at least a week so it won’t be bad if Olivia and Jamie talk through it. I’ll have to see the times that it is playing at the mall in Tarboro. Tonight I want to head into Rocky Mount to see if I can find a pair of tennis shoes for me. I would like to get a pair so that my feet don’t go numb every time I wear them.

Here are some pictures from the 4th of July festivities we had going on at church. Enjoy!

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