Summer Give-Away!!!

I have a dear friend, Elizabeth who is having a summer give away for a Solarveil Sling. Something I have always wanted but just never got. Instead I tried to make a sling like a hotsling and that didn’t turn out as well I had hoped it would. Stinks doesn’t it. I just thought that slings are not for me but then found out that ring slings are much better and easier to use then anything. I still have the Mei Tai’s that I made last year and have been thinking of getting them out again for this summer but with it being so hot I don’t feel that it’s that neccessary unless we go out in public like the Aquarium or something like that. I know that the Baltimore Aquarium does not allow strollers inside so that’s a plus there. I found that out through some good friends from Maryland and Brooklyn. Dee!!! Thanks for the information.

Ok so back on this summer give-away. Please click here to view the details on the giveaway and if you want to join in comment and tell her how you found the link too. The instructions are on the bottom of the posting. I hope that maybe I can be the one to win this! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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