I’m so happy that today is Friday! It seems like this week has just been so slow. I guess it’s because I have had so much going on in my life that I can’t figure which way is up and which is down. Well it seems like it’s going to rain again which today is the perfect day. I am so sleepy because I had to take a benadryl due to being stung 2 times by a bee. It was like I was under attack by them out back. They were swarming back there and I thought I was going to die! Ok Maybe not die but still I am allergic to bee stings and wasp stings so I needed to make sure that nothing serious was going to happen. Ugh! The joy of allergies.

Today I am leaving work early at 4:00 because I need to pick up Olivia from daycare, go home, get her dressed for tonights dinner, get packed up and get to Greenville at Parkers no later than 6:00pm. This is a long haul for us because we live about 5 minutes from the Halifax County line so we need to go like we’re going to Tarboro and then go onto Route 43. I am thinking about allowing Olivia to take her DVD Player with us minus her Thomas The Tank Engine DVD. I can’t stand that movie and Terry got it. Only 20 minutes left before I can leave and it seems like it’s going by slower than I thought it would. I need to pack up and get home before it pours down rain. I have only eaten about 5 points total so far and I am saving up for tonights dinner. I have about 25 points left and we’re going to Parker’s which is good old southern bbq and chicken. Yummy!!! I haven’t had anything good like this in a while so I can’t wait. Well I better be going…will try to update more this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

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