It’s been a couple days since I have updated the blog but life has been busy. Yesterday we were busy at work and so I couldn’t update even the slightest but things are still busy here but trying to keep things cool here. Mom had her surgery today to have her Torn Achilles Tendon fixed and have a bone spur taken out of her right knee. Last night for dinner we ate some nice grilled chicken tenderloins and some grilled asparagus. I am planning on doing this again. Plus the chicken tasted like it was from Cracker Barrel which is one of my favorite places to eat.

Tonight for dinner I still don’t know what I am having. I want to have something healthy again. I think that I have about 20 points left for the day so I need to figure out what to eat. Last night I had still 1 point left over so that’s good. I need to make it a priority to use up all my points each day because that’s what helps boost my metabolism up. This is quite simple really. If you don’t use up all your points then your metabolism slows down…Not good! You want your metabolism to speed up to help burn the calories and to help break down what you just ate to help you lose the weight. I have learned the hard way by thinking that just because I used to eat everything I wanted to about 5 years ago doesn’t mean you can still do that. LOL. I might have a nice salad with something grilled on it tonight. I am so happy that we got the grill this year because it has definately paid off so far.

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