Olivia’s Big Girl Bed!!!

Olivia got her big girl bed on Friday night and loves it. Mom and Dad gave her the top half of mine and Elizabeth’s old bunk bed from This End Up that we had growing up. She absolutely loves it. She also got to go shopping yesterday for her new comforter which at first we couldn’t find but then went ahead over to Walmart and found one there. It was a Strawberry Shortcake one and the original price on it was $30 but we got it on clearance for $15. How Sweet is that? I washed it last night before we headed out to dinner and then we let her use it last night. She was so excited with it too. We at first were afraid of her using the bed without a railing but we have decided not to get it from mom and dad’s house because she doesn’t need it! I’m so proud of her and she is no longer a baby but now a “big girl!” Her old bed we will be taking over to my in-laws house for her to use there on the weekends that we stay there. She has been using a playpen but she’s too big for that now. It’ll be nice for her to have her own little bed there too.

The pictures that I am posting today of Olivia in her big girl bed are from Friday night. Enjoy!

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