So it’s Friday Morning and this is not the sight that I wanted to see bright and early in the morning. I was driving over to my parents house for work and I look over to see an old Fat guy walking out to his pool in what looked like a Speedo. Now this was quite a sight to see because he was covered in hair and looked like a gorilla with white hair. Ewww. Not what I was expecting this morning to see. Someone should have stopped him from purchasing that suit because it looked like it was way too small for him too. Only HOT guys should be allowed to wear them and then it’s still questionable at that time if they should or not. I mean if you go to the beach and look around there is at least one ugly man with a speedo on. Do they think that if they wear a speedo that they will get hot girls looking or just stares at him of people thinking to themselves…WHY???

OK it’s just like when we lived over at Tau Valley that one of my old professors from Nash Community, Dr. West, would come to the pool there and take off his shirt and go swimming in the actual pool. Yuck. This guy was disgusting. I had him for Psychology class and ended up dropping the class because I wasn’t learning anything from him. All he talked about was drugs, drinking and sex. It was quite funny at times but then when it came for test time nothing he talked about was on the test and was not from the book. I swear if I ever have to take that class again I will not be doing it with him. I’d rather take it online then have to take it with him. Oh well I guess that’s all that I can come up with this morning. I’ll try to write more later.

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