Water, Water…I’m gonna Float Away!

I have been very good in drinking my 6 glasses of water everyday now but now I feel like I’m going to float away. It’s nice though being able to turn down a regular coke for a water with some crystal light in it. I didn’t drink any crystal light yesterday and just drank plain water. I feel better about myself too this way. I have also been sticking to my point counting and it’s nice to be able to eat a healthy meal for me each and every meal and I get hungry more often because I think it’s from where I normally didn’t eat breakfast. Funny how those simple changes can make in your life. I like changes though…sometimes. As long as it’s for the better than worse. I should have about 20 points left for dinner and for snack so this will be cool too. So far doing WW is a good thing for me and for my lifestyle. I can still eat whatever I want but I have to track the points and use better judgement.

Take last night for instance…we decided that it was going to be easier for us to eat dinner out so we went to Taco Bell. I ate 2 Gordita’s Baja Style and half of my soft taco…and I still had 2 points left over for a snack. I didn’t feel like eating the whole soft taco because I had gotten full off that half. We then went to Walmart to pick up dog food and some potting soil because I need to transfer my Spaghetti Squash plants over to their new locations tonight. It’s a must and can’t be overlooked anymore. I also need to transfer my watermelon plants over to the ground I think. They can use some sun and I might treat them to some more Miracle Grow. It’s going to be nice to have some squash at the house that is homegrown instead of buying it from the store. I sometimes wish we had a farm up where I live that was close enough for me to purchase some things from but we don’t. I mean I could go to the Farmer’s Market in Rocky Mount on Saturday mornings but I’m too lazy to do that! I might have to do that one morning though. Something to think about.

Tonya and I went to the Library on Tuesday and was quite disappointed. They had all of the new books roped off to where we couldn’t go browsing through them. It was quite stupid if you ask me…having new releases but no one could get to them. What kind of business are they to do that. I mean we understood that they are remodeling something but to have those books blocked off was stupid. We instead went to the Goodwill and picked up a few things. I found some nice Dora PJ’s for Olivia and some for this winter. Last night she wore the Dora PJ’s and she was happy about that. I had to pry them off her this morning to get her dressed for daycare which she didn’t want to go. I just wish that for once I could go and drop her off without her fussing and saying “I don’t want to go play and go to daycare…I want to say with you.” It’s heartbreaking but to tell you the truth I need for her to go so that I can work and make some money. I have only one week left in the month and I am hoping that I will be able to make at least one more placement this month. Keep you fingers crossed that I will. We really could use the money now that Terry is not working overtime since he’s still out on Workman’s comp. I think that we are both in agreement in that I can’t wait until he goes back to work.

Tonight for dinner I have said this but I am going to have hotdogs on the grill and also corn on the cob grilled, plus a salad. I am excited about grilling the corn because it’s always something new and it looks like it’s not that hard. I will forego the butter for mine because it adds points to it. Today it’s hot out and I had made plans to go for a walk but I will have to wait on that for now until it gets cooler out.

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