Today was the perfect day to sleep in but I wasn’t able to. I had to get up, get a shower and get dressed and Olivia dressed. It was raining when I got up and I just feel like I’m dragging butt today. ugh! I hate this feeling. I’m sure Terry is still sleeping or if not then he’s just lounging around the house. I wish I could do that but I have too much to do today. I am still waiting on hearing from a candidate that had an interview today and so I’m praying that I hear some good news from that soon. His interview was at 9am and still haven’t heard anything at 11:30am. He is very good with calling me back so I’m sure he’s probably still there. Keeping my fingers crossed though. 🙂

Tonight I am going to have some baked chicken, red potatoes, salad and maybe some texas toast. Just depends on if I get by the store to get the toast. I have to go for a few things anyways so I’m sure I’ll leave a few minutes early today. I also need to put the vaccum cleaner in the back of the van to take home. I meant to take it home yesterday but things just kept me from doing it. We went to the mall yesterday and picked up 4 new pillows for our bedroom. We haven’t gotten any new pillows for a while and since Sears had the Sealy ones on sale we grabbed some. They sleep so nice and I think that’s why I didn’t feel like getting up this morning. Oh well…maybe I can get to bed a little earlier tonight.

This weekend we are heading to Rocky Mount to go Dress shopping for Olivia. She once again wore a dress to daycare today and I found only one other dress at home for her to wear tomorrow. She is so excited because my inlaws are going to purchase some for her. She can’t wait! She asked me this morning if we could go see Mamom and Papa today to get her new dresses. I told her she had to wait 2 more days and she said “Why?” Yes we are in the Why stage of her life and it’s sometimes cute to hear her ask the question. It’s almost like she is testing us to see if we know the right answer or not. I have to say though sometimes it does get annoying but I still answer the question. Like here’s one that she asked this morning…
“Can we go swim in Uncle Jim’s Pool?”
“Sure but we have to wait til the weekend.”
“because Uncle Jim and Aunt Shelley are at work right now.”
“because they go to work so that they can afford the pool.”
“Just because Olivia…that’s enough now.”

It’s cute when she does ask those questions but sometimes it just keeps going on and on, almost like that new flour tortino’s commercial. I can’t wait until she’s out of this stage now. Well I better be going back to cleaning up the office. Dad is outback with my grandparents visiting them and I’m in the office jamming to the tunes coming from my iPod:)

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