I am so impatient as I have been told. I ordered my weight watchers information on May 29th and I still have not yet received them. I went ahead and contacted the seller only to hear that all she did was put it in the mail but didn’t say a date of when. This is so annoying. I have already filed a claim but if I do receive it this week then I will cancel the claim. I have a feeling it’s lost in mail space but it’ll be alright. I’m really wanting to get started with it soon. I’m over eating again since I have been on the prednisone and I hate it. I feel like I’m always hungry. Ugh!

Yesterday I placed a bid on a cute dress from Gymboree but at the end lost by 50 cents. Man! It was so Olivia too. It was ok though. I did however won a Gymboree Shortall Ladybug outfit and also a Gymboree Reversible Dress (very cute). I will have to post a picture of Olivia in them once I get them. I’m hoping to have them soon. Olivia once again wore a dress to daycare today. She wore her Watermelon dress she got last christmas from my inlaws that they got at a nice store in Myrtle Beach. It is a 2T but it’s still pretty big on her this year. Thank goodness we can still wear at least the few dresses she has from last year. I am thinking about going out and purchasing some clear rubbermaid totes to put her clothes into that are either too big now on her or that we can give away or sell. I like to keep up with the items but recently have gone through so much I don’t know what Olivia has as far as clothing wise for the summer. That’s another project I need to begin but not now.

Terry and I went out to eat last night at Tokoyo Express and it was so tasty. It was a lot less then going to Ichibon’s or Khanki’s in Raleigh (another place we’ll go soon). Plus it’s in Rocky Mount so for us it’s a nice change compared to the normal fast food. Tonight for dinner I’m cooking chicken on the grill, boiling some red potatoes, and having a salad. It’s going to be nice because I want to cook something healthy for once this week. I might make mashed potatoes…just depends on how I feel and what Olivia will eat tonight. She is not going to have any chicken tenders unless I cook them on the grill. She needs to eat healthier too and it’s not just for me. I feel like she is getting to eat out too much and I am too. The change is going to be good for us all.

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