Today is finally Friday!!! I’m so happy that we have made it to the end of the week because I’m beat. I need to go to the mall or somewhere today to find a new swimsuit. Terry told me that as long as it’s under $100 that I could do it. I’m so excited too because it’s been a year since I have gotten a new suit so I am thinking about getting a two piece this year instead of a one. I can get a one piece anywhere and so I am also pretty ok in my skin now that I am ready for a two piece. Yeah! I haven’t had a two piece since I went to the Bahamas in April 2003, 4 years ago. Dee! Well I might check with Tonya and see if she wants to go to the mall with me tonight.

Last night I went to target with my sister and picked up a few things that we needed. Even though I had gone the night before it was a nice getaway from Terry and from Olivia. Thank you Terry for watching Olivia for me so that I could enjoy those two nice nights out shopping without a screaming 3 year old. I love you so much sweetie! Well yesterday was quite a handful of a day considering that we were having issues with the internet at work and just nothing was working out for us. So I called it quits around 4:15 or so and headed to get Olivia from daycare then we went grocery shopping. I picked up several healthy items and the food that we really needed like lunch meats, apple slices, and meats. They had a pretty nice sale going on for the frozen chicken breasts and tenderloins (buy one get one free) so of course I jumped on that quite quickly since Olivia loves for me to cook her chicken. This gives me a little extra things to do since I am trying to lose weight. I at least saved almost $24 yesterday. Next time I go I will have more coupons with me though.

This weekend I have no idea what our plans might entail. I want to go to Jim’s house to go swimming but it all depends on first how I feel and also on if they are going to be home. I’m hoping that we’ll at least get to go on Sunday. I also need to get down to the Y to enroll Olivia into the swim lessons that I have yet to do. I will probably do that either tonight or tomorrow before heading over to Tarboro since it’s on the way anyways. Ok so I better be going…have to get back to work. Have a great day everyone!

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