Wow! Last night was an awesome night. Even though I had to take Terry to his MRI appointment in Wilson which didn’t last as long as I had thought it would and then we went to dinner at Wendy’s. Yes I know it’s not listed as healthy food but it will be ok. Then we headed on back to my parents house who were watching Olivia for us. It was their anniversary and I thank them so much for watching her on their special day!!! We will do something nice for you both soon. The guy at the MRI didn’t say much but Terry said that while taking some images of his knee the guys face got really still and didn’t say anything….almost like he could see that something is wrong. I have a feeling that Terry will be having surgery on his knee. Knock on wood that we don’t have to go through that but it’s that gut instinct.

Anyways, I have to drive on over to the YMCA this week and enroll Olivia in swim lessons. She is so excited about this too because it will mean that she is turning into a fully big girl. Considering that she lately has refused to take baths and just want showers with mommy. I don’t mind her taking showers with me every now and then but sometimes I just want to take one without having to say…”No Olivia don’t do that or Wash yourself and not the shower door.” I think we are also going to try to set up her big girl bed soon. I have my old frame when I was younger that I wanted to share with Olivia. It came from the “This End Up” store in Virginia and all we need is to get a mattress. If anyone knows where we can get a cheap one let me know.

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