Weight Watchers!!

I have finally made a decision in my life to try something and stick to it!!! I have been the one to say that I want to try these new fad diets and not be able to stick to it but now that I am 26 years old and not able to fit into my size 20 jeans without them being too tight I have decided to take charge of my eating habits and all that. I AM going to do well on this life change and I have lots of support from my family so far. I told mom that I was going to start up with it and she was very excited for me and she wanted to try it too. I remember as a child my mom trying Jenny Craig and we had to go sit in her meetings with her at times (very boring) but she lost weight using that. I know it was pretty expensive for her to continue on that plan so she stopped. Now we are both the same size (I might be a little smaller) but it’s still the principle of it all. We both want to lose weight and I feel that I can do this and will do this! If anyone else wants to get on the wagon and join us please let me know. I ordered my WW Starter Kit on ebay yesterday for a total of $22 plus shipping and I should recieve it by next week. I figured this was going to be best way for me to start up with a new me. I have so many clothes that I wore in the past but haven’t wanted to get rid of because I’ve been adament in losing weight.
Now I can say that I am on the right track but I need to take control of my life in making it healthy and exciting too. I am also going to start up with my exercise as well at least 3 times a week using the firm and then about 2 days going walking. This is my goal and I am NOT going to lose sight of what I am working for!!!

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