I can’t believe it already Friday! This week has flown by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that this weekend will be a 3 day weekend. Thank goodness I might be able to sleep in tomorrow morning and Monday morning. Well yesterday I took Terry to his appointment at the Orthopedist’s office in Tarboro. Well the dr wasn’t too happy of how tight his knee was already and it had only been 4 days since the accident so he has requested him have an MRI done on his knee sometime next week and then we need to follow-up with the dr the following week. He really doesn’t know what it could be but he said no matter what it is he will probably have to go through some kind of physical therapy. Oh boy, so much fun for him! We then went back to his parents house afterwards and stayed there for a while. Then headed on over to Rocky Mount to the library to return a book that I thought I had misplaced and to run and meet Robin for something. Then we headed on up to Enfield to meet the cheif there to hand him the note from the dr. I didn’t eat dinner until late but it was good. I did however manage to cut the backyard and part of the front yard before it was too dark out to do anything else.

Terry’s dad came up to the house today to help out with the trim work and he even brought his mower with him since all of his controls including the brake is all on the right side instead of the left side so that Terry could finish up the last little bit of the front yard we had to do and so that his dad can do the trim work. Thank you sweetie and to your dad for being able to finish that up for me. I love to get out in the yard and work on it so this was a nice treat for me! Tonight we are going to Golden Corral with the church as a fellowship with other people. It’s like a family nite sort of. I can’t wait either and Olivia is so excited that she is eating with her Ma-Mom and Pa-Pa tonight. She is also excited about seeing her uncle Jim, Aunt Shelley and Justin and Jamie as well. She gets to eat for free tonight because she’s 3 and under so we normally try to go placese like that because she still doesn’t eat a lot at dinner anyways. Terry is going to try to get the dog on to the vets today if he can. Zeus lately has been losing weight like you wouldn’t believe although he eats like a horse. We have a feeling that he has either worms or that the mosquito’s and deer flies have been so bad and have eaten him up. He called the vet and talked with them but they want to see him no matter what. He is also losing his fur and very aggressive towards me and Olivia. We have to keep him away from Olivia no matter what because if he does have worms then it’s very contagious with any person. We’ll have to see what’s wrong with him I guess.

Well I hope that everyone has a safe Holiday weekend!

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