The past couple of days has been a little busy for me. I haven’t been feeling the best in the world and so I’ve been laying low really. I had a check-up at the Health Department on Tuesday and I had a Tetnus shot and ever since then I haven’t felt good. I feel like crap and I just wish that I felt better. To tell you the truth I feel like I am having a reaction to this shot. I am breaking out in some kind of rash all over my body and I just am itching all over. I am praying that I have not picked up anything else especially the chicken pox or worse. I just went and visited with my grandfather who is still in the hospital and should be expected to come home tomorrow. I drove my grandma up there to Wake Med today because he doesn’t feel comfortable about my grandma driving up there, plus my brother had a job interview today and so I was the only other one who was there for her. Sometimes I just wish that I didn’t have to work on Friday’s and do whatever I wanted to but I know that will never happen. Ugh, the phone is ringing. Ok so I am going to I think go take a nice lukewarm shower and then go to bed. I might even change the sheets on the bed before I hit the sack. It just depends on how I feel I guess. I’m also in the middle of watching one of my favorite movies, Step Up (only because it’s done at the Maryland School of Arts in Baltimore the school I had hoped to go to when I graduated school and never made it there.) I know I should have tried my hardest but I didn’t and now I don’t know if I will ever be able to attend any school like that!

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