Today was the day I went to the Health Department and had my yearly pap smear done. They said that my blood, iron and potassium levels were all good and that if I had an abnormal pap smear then they would give me a call and let me know. I don’t think anything will come back saying that there is anything wrong at all. However during the exam she asked me if I had my tubes clamped and of course I had to answer correctly so I wouldn’t feel so terrible and that has caused me not to get any form of birth control pills. I did find out that my little family should be able to qualify for whats called “Health Check” which is medical insurance for families and individuals who don’t have health insurance or have partial health insurance. Heck Terry is also going to apply for this and see if he can get this as well since we really are forking out a lot of money for his insurance as well. Lori Perry who was Olivia’s nurse or case worker for when she was on Medicaid and WIC told me that we should be approved since we can’t always be guarantee my income. So it’s nice that I hopefully will be able to get this for at least Olivia and I. Good then I can go to my regular Gyn. doctor and get some birth contol pills to help regulate my monthly cycles.

I was a little bummed out that I didn’t get the pills but that’s ok because I can keep going on with my life because since I haven’t had a pap done since Olivia’s birth it was well time that I had one plus I didn’t have to pay for anything either. I also got a Tetnus shot done while I was there too since it was time for me to have one. My arm is so sore and so I’m taking tylenol to help relieve my pain from where the shot was administered. Ugh! It’s been so long since I have had a shot that I forgot how painful it really was. Oh well, just the thing that we do to stay well I guess.

Tonight we are having pizza and cake with my dad to celebrate his birthday which is today and so I will be buying pizza for him and will get him a cake as well. We are having my grandmother over as well since my granddad is still in the hospital. Oh well, gotta go call a couple clients and then go on to pick up Livy and order the pizza’s. Have a great night everyone!

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