Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there! I hope you all had a great day like I did! Today I got up and went to church and then went back to my mil’s house and we had a perfect lunch…Ham my favorite! Then I took a long nap and then went on to Target to pick up something for my phone and went on back home. The only bad news I got was that my grandfather was put into the hospital last night for having irregular heartbeats yesterday. Now considering that he’s 89 years old he’s not had many problems with his heart since he had a pace-maker put in back in December. I will have to pray that he is looked after by GOD as for I know he already is taking good care of him.

Yesterday Olivia and I never made it out to the Blooming Festival. When we woke up it was pouring down rain and so I called Jennifer and asked her what she wanted us to do. She and I both decided to take the kids to Walmart where we both needed to pick up a few things and then we went bowling. It was Olivia’s first time bowling and we had a great time there! I couldn’t have asked for anything better that’s for sure! Olivia was sad to leave but we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then we headed on over to Sunset Park to let the kids play on the playground before it poured down rain again. I think we were there for a little over 2 hours but they had a great time. Jennifer and I got caught up on things that have happened over the past several years and also to talk on the Mark Bowling Case…because the girl that killed Mark Bowling’s wife used to work with us at Food Lion in Nashville. She has always been money hungry and she let the best of her get gone. Anyways, that is a whole other blog on that story as it is! Then we talked about what we both missed about Food Lion…Ok not really missed but what we enjoyed when we were there. Oh those were the days that’s for sure! By the time it was time to go it started to thunder pretty bad and so we decided to leave before we got soaked with the rain from the storm. We both said that we are going to get together again so that the kids can play again! They both had a great time and if I had only brought my camera I would have had some cute pictures. Next time I will though.

Anyways, I am going to turn in for the night. I think tomorrow though I am going to call the health department and see how much it would cost me to get checked out there for birth control to help regulate my monthly cycle and also to talk with someone about getting some depression medicine again. It’s not that I am depressed all the time but I have a condition which basically means that I have to be on depression meds for the rest of my life. It sucks I know but that’s just how it is and I have put a peace in my mind that I’ll be better off on them then off them. Trust me I think even my family can say that for me and I will be much happier too! I’m too tired to post any pictures but I will do so within the next couple of days of shots from my new camera!

*Update…When Terry got home last night he went ahead and put me to bed and gave me a nice back massage and so I fell fast asleep:) Thank you so much sweetie! I love it when you rub my back when I don’t ask. I love you so much! Also here are some pictures now that I’m uploading from yesterday’s events. Enjoy!

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