This morning I got into work a little late just because I felt like crap again…still very tired even though I slept a good 8 hours and just was running behind. Well I got here at my parents house and went upstairs to talk with mom who was getting ready to head to an appointment with my brother to look into getting medical disability for him since he is still unable to do several things because of his accident that happened in November of 2005. It’s funny how life can change in a minute with us thinking that he would never have had to do this if the accident never happened but that’s life I guess. Anyways, she was telling me a few things and then I went on downstairs to start up with work. Again…I haven’t really gotten much accomplished except that I called the Health Department and I told them that I was without health insurance and that I needed to get put back on Birth Control to help regulate my periods every month. They are getting bad again and I’m miserable with them every month, so I knew I had to change it this time. I have an appointment at 9:30am tomorrow morning and I found out that I don’t have to pay anything to get seen or get the pills. Now how sweet is that? I think it’s great to tell you the truth. I had to tell them a little fib but in order for me to get the pills I had to go ahead and tell one. It’s not completely a lie either I guess.

Tonight for dinner I think we have decided on going to CiCi’s pizza for dinner. Olivia wants pizza and honestly I don’t feel like cooking either. I know I have plenty of leftover ham from yesterday’s lunch but I think I got hammed out last night when I went for more as a snack. Terry is off today so I’m praying that at least something around the house and the yard will get done. All I have asked him to do is to get the trash on off to the dump which is right around the corner and to finish cutting the yard. Not that hard but he has been working so much that he’s completely drained when he’s off he doesn’t feel like doing anything. He is however working overtime a lot and to tell you the truth if he didn’t I don’t think i would have been able to get my new camera he gave me for Mother’s Day! Today it’s supposed to be very nice out and too bad I’m stuck inside most of the day but I’ll get over it. I am supposed to be getting my Oprah Tote’s tomorrow through FedEx and I’m hoping that my Aviva Test Strips come in the mail too! I have only about 4 left and so I’m really running low on these. I need to figure out how to get my life back on track I guess. I need to start changing my diet habits again and begin to eat healthy but you know…sometimes it’s very hard to do so. I have to make that a plan to start this summer!!

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