New Digital Camera

Hooray! It’s Friday afternoon and I’m so happy it is. Last night Terry and I went to the mall to first off pick up Olivia’s pictures from Sears and they offered us to get the extra portraits they sent back. We of course didn’t get them because of the way they treated us the last time we were there with Olivia and so we are not going to be purchasing anymore pictures from them. The girl that was at the counter yesterday kind of acted like a snob because she said that most parents never pass the opportunity of getting more pictures for $20 but I remember when they were offering the pictures with borders and everything and also included a 10×13 picture frame all for $15.00! Now I feel like they are ripping people off even with the smile saver plan. Like we weren’t allowed to use the coupon that we were sent on the package we got but what’s the point of being a member of the club if we aren’t allowed to use the coupons we are sent? I guess I’m just a little frustrated is all. I think that this Christmas or for her next birthday we’re going to look into having them done at like Bill Goode or something. Just depends on the money situation I guess? After we went to Sears we headed on over to Best Buy where Terry picked out my mothers day gift. I can’t believe this weekend is Mother’s Day! Can you really believe it? I sure can’t! Anyways, we then went and ate dinner at Golden Corral and then went home because I just didn’t feel good and was extremely tired. Ugh!

Well Terry did some research on the present he was looking to get me and asked me to look it up too. Well I did and I love it! I went today to pick it up and pay for it. I can’t believe my hubby got me a $300 digital camera! Well it was on sale and I’m glad of that though. I picked up the camera and also a new camera bag since my camera wouldn’t fit in the old one I have.

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