Ok so I just noticed today that the low system that was hovering over the eastern seaboard has already been named the first storm of the season…even early for the year before hurricane season begins. Could this really be the year that all hell breaks lose on storms or is just a fluke? Who knows…but all I know is that this year we could be plagued with storms and hurricanes. I wanted a storm last year but when that never happened I just kind of gave up with the thinking. It’s the only time that Terry and I break out our board games and play, like Worst Case Scenario is one of them. It brings back memories because our honeymoon in 2003 we had to leave the beach because we were evacuated because Hurricane Isabel came pounding in the next day. Ugh…well we instead went on back to my parents house and had a great night. We played Worst Case Scenario when the lights went out and we played by candlelight. It was so much fun even though our honeymoon was cut short. I am trying to make plans for Terry and I to go on either a cruise or go to St. Thomas or somewhere like that in 2008/2009 to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. How much fun is that going to be?

Well the past couple of days I haven’t really seen my hubby because he’s been working his butt off. He was supposed to have Tuesday off but instead got called into work so Tonya and I and the kids all went to the Library and then to eat dinner and Walmart. We found several good books to read and I went ahead and checked out about 4 books for me and we got 2 cd’s for Olivia. I have already made a copy of these for Olivia since it’s something she has been wanting but we had not been able to find around here. Also I was expecting to pay a late fee for the books that I returned last time a day late but I guess they forgot about it because I wasn’t charged for anything. Nice isn’t it? At Walmart Olivia got antsy and we went ahead on back to Tonya’s house. Now Olivia has picked up a nice new thing obviously from daycare and it’s spitting at everyone when she doesn’t get her way or when she is in trouble. Lets just say that on Monday she got in trouble two times with the sub teacher. How embarrassing it is for me to have a talk with the teacher over the fact that Olivia, who never gets in trouble at school has to tell me and have me try to explain to her about the spitting. She just recently picked it up and come to find out there are other kids in her class that have been in trouble as well for doing this. I am praying that it’s only a stage they go through because I don’t know how much more I can take of it! If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to stop or at least help resolve this situation please let me know!

Tonight Terry is finally off work and so we are going to head into Rocky Mount to Sears to pick up her pictures we had done 2 weeks ago and also to grab something to eat. I haven’t been feeling the best in the world the past couple of days and am only hoping that it’s just something that will pass. Terry has to work the entire weekend and we had hoped that we could have gone to the Blooming Festival together as a family but it looks like I will be going alone with her instead. If anyone wants to join us in going please let me know and we’ll meet up there.

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