This past week has flown by so quickly. I can’t believe that it’s already Monday again. It seems like it still should be the weekend. Oh well, I guess taking care of a sick 3 year old will make the week go by quickly. Well on Tuesday night Olivia came home from daycare with a fever and I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought it was a bug that had been going around. Once again I kept her home from daycare on Wednesday and she was still running a fever but not a high one until about 1:30am when she once again was running a 105.1 this time. Well I went ahead earlier Wednesday and called the Nurse on Call at her doctors and they had the Pediatricin on duty call me back and tell me to continue what I was doing and to go ahead and bring her to the office in the morning. So once again on Thursday (one week after she was orignially seen) I trucked into the doctors office. This time they thought that they were going to have to give her a shot of Roseffin which is a very strong medicine that they normally give to adults or teens. She has already had the medicine about 4 times already in her life because of her ears. Once they called us back she was weighed again only to learn that she had dropped another 3 lbs, now weighing in at 30lbs. I am just really praying that she is not headed back into the same path we had been through back in the fall of 2004!!! I don’t feel like heading back to Duke’s Children’s Hospital. Don’t get me wrong they treated us like gold but I still didn’t feel that they completely took care of our baby girl I guess but then again they did. It’s a hard thing to understand still to this day. Well Doctor Kinnaird came in and she was diagnosed with the same Double Ear infection only it had worsened from a week ago. So he put her onto Suprex which is a very high dosage antibiotic instead of giving her a shot. He did however tell me that if she continues to get the infections then we have to have tubes put back in her ears. ugh! The torture she went through for that. So we’re praying that she will not have to have them put back into her ears. I then went to Tarboro to get her prescription and then we went on to my mom’s school and saw Nanie. She really wanted to see her too plus we exchanged vehicles too. Mom was using my van for the weekend and I was using the car. Oh how I love that car!

Friday we didn’t go anywhere and I felt kind of glad about it too. We did get some rain on Saturday but sometime during the day the fever broke. Thank God too! She was driving me nuts too! Well I allowed her to go outside and play on her new playset on Saturday afternoon and then we went to meet my sister at Target and Olivia picked out a new movie, Curious George and then we went to AppleBee’s to eat dinner. It was very good there too! We had a $25 Gift Card from Christmas that we hadn’t used yet and so it was time for a girls night out. No drinking happened but that was ok. Elizabeth had to go to work that night and I was on my way to my inlaws so that would have not been good. I am thinking of taking Olivia to get some Cotton Candy Ice Cream tonight from Cold Stone and it will be very nice too. She deserves it. I think we are on the way to potty training again. She went this weekend on her own and even pulled up her undies by herself too. Yes! Big girl panties here we come and the big girl bed too! Yesterday we went to Church and had a great time there. I told Patricia Savage that I wouldn’t mind being in the nursery all the time as long as we could get a monitor in the nursery so that we could watch too. Well after church we went back to the house and had a wonderful lunch and then went on and took a long nap. We did go back to church last night and once again I was in the nursery and then we went and picked up dinner for myself, Olivia and Jamie then headed back to Ma Ma’s house and ate. Then I took Jamie back home and we were off to go home.

Once I got home I put Olivia down for bed, then started playing my online instant win games. I was just about to give up when I noticed that one of the games was taking a little bit longer to load up. So I waited patiently and OMG, it said that I had WON an iPod Nano! No way! Could this really be happening to me? I think so! Well I called Terry up who was at work once again and told him what I just won and he said that if it was Pink then I would have it but if it was the same color or not girly looking then he could have it. Oh I’m so happy. This morning before I really started working I went ahead and played a new game that just came out and Terry won an iTurbor portable iPod Charger. Oh this is my week I think. I should be getting my iPod in about 4-6 weeks. How exciting is this?

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  1. Hey girl!
    Sounds like ear infections are a big problem for you. I have a couple of suggestions ( my masters is in Speech and Hearing).

    1) Try to cut out dairy from her diet for a few weeks and see if it helps. Dairy can cause inflamation and congestion that can lead to ear infections.

    2) Chiropractors can really help to drain the inner ear.

    3) You can massage her neck, behind her ear and jaw (there is a little indention there). Rub it in small circles while she drinks something slowly though a straw. The point is to get her swallowing for about 5 minutes and you rubbing at the same time. This will help drain the inner ear and prevent infections. Do this daily.

    Hope she gets well soon!


  2. Thank you Covey for this information! We are going to try this. Now she already doesn’t get dairy very often because I’m allergic to Milk itself so instead she sometimes gets rice milk instead.

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