Yesterday was quite a blustry day. We had winds of up to 58 mph and boy our poor roof has seen its better days. We have several missing shingles and I’m almost tempted on telling my hubby to put a tin roof on just so that everytime we have a wind storm or it’s windy out we don’t have to replace more and more shingles. It was also very chilly yesterday because of the wind and it’s hard to believe today that it’s going to be breezy and warm out. I didn’t really get a new candidate but we had a hectic morning that’s all I know. Sunday evening we had gotten a flat tire on the van (ok I had a chunk taken out of the tire) and so we had to get a replacement tire for the van. Not my cup of tea at all and so while I was waiting for my dad to come pick me up he called me to tell me that he was coming slowly because he had a flat tire on my sisters car. Funny how all things happen for a reason. I called dad and told him that I was going to wait for him to get to Colony Tire and we left my sisters car there instead to be fixed. Last night I went to the Mall and came out really empty handed except for the Herbal Supplement I started taking today. Then went on over to Cold stone and had ice cream with Olivia and then off to Walmart to pick up the things we needed at home.

Today I am watching Kennedy and I might go ahead and watch Cole too. Also this morning I got a call from my mom who said that there was a Turtle Sandbox sitting on the side of the road to be picked up by the trash people at some family’s house. She said that if I could get it to do so and that’s what I did. I drove by the first time and looked to see if it was there, then I drove down to my parents street turned around and drove back by to see if anyone was home..thinking…good their not! Then I turned around once more and pulled off the side of the road, opened the back door and grabbed it, stuffed it in the van and drove off. I felt like I had just done something wrong but not having to pay for a sandbox that my daughter wanted in the first place, I know there’s nothing wrong with it now. I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to pay $35 for a sandbox that looked like a turtle! But now we have a free one and so all I need to get now is Sand for it. And of course clean it up a little bit! Oh how Olivia is going to be jumping for joy with this one! She absolutely loves the sand and loves playing in the sandbox at daycare! I’m so excited that we found one!

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