Wow! So much has happened in the past week since I had last updated it. Lets see…where to start. On Wednesday when Terry went into work he found out he had to work on Sunday so we canceled Sunday Night’s Stay and instead went down to Myrtle Beach on Monday and came home on Tuesday evening. It was really nice to get out of town for a night and two days and I would highly recommend doing this to others who just need a break from life at home. While we were down there we went to T-Bonz for dinner. Mmm so tasty and plus their one of my clients so I get to write it off for this trip. Also we went to Broadway at the Beach on Tuesday after we checked out of the hotel and had a great time there. We got Olivia a couple things from the John Deere store for her birthday and also got her a few other things. We mainly spent most of the money we had brought with us on Olivia compared to on ourselves, but isn’t that how it always is? We have things we need to purchase but instead we purchase our kids something instead? Yeah I know that’s how it is! Although Terry did purchase himself a nice pair of sandals from Bass Pro Shop that he really was in need of. The last pair he had his parents had given him (which isn’t a bad thing) but they were getting to the point they were hurting his feet.

We made good time coming home and barely got into any traffic. I have been having trouble sleeping and so I was exhausted from the night before and Terry did get some sleep and drove the rest of the way home for me. If he didn’t drive for us we wouldn’t have made it home I’m sure of that. I was about to fall asleep behind the wheel. We left Myrtle Beach around 4pm and we got home around 8pm and that included stopping for dinner in Smithfield. Now that we’re home things are back to normal. I’m of course very moody and just feel like no one cares for me. I was told by one my best friends to start taking some Vitex which is like a birth control only it’s herbal. Thank goodness she told me about this and I’m going to purchase some this weekend. I need something to help with the mood swings, the heavy periods and also to help me getting to feeling better. It’s not that expensive either so I’m going to get some and I think it comes in 100 capsules which might last me a while. I might even check and see if Walmart has it since they have so much there already that I need to purchase tonight like pullups for one. We are NOT going to be buying anymore diapers because Olivia is almost 3 and she hates to have them on her little bum. Now how can I get her to start using the potty again? I’m out of ideas and I’m about to give up on her. I wish I could go to babies R’us and pick up a few things that I need from there but I doubt I’ll get to go since we just returned home from the beach.
This weekend will be mostly cleaning up the house (if we can do this without fighting) and also cutting the grass which needs to be done. Thank goodness we have a riding lawn mower to do this with since we have such a large yard to cut. Well let me go…have to get some kind of work done today. Have a great Friday the 13th!!
I’ve included a couple pictures from Easter and the beach! Enjoy!

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