It’s Official! We are going on a Mini-Vacation this coming up Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! We have decided to go to Myrtle Beach, SC for the 3 days. We will be driving down on Sunday Afternoon and coming home Tuesday Afternoon. It will be nice to get out of town especially to the beach. Plus since I already have to be down in Myrtle Beach on Monday to check my brother into his hotel…we decided to stay that night too. We are staying at the Sleep Inn by the outlet mall on Sunday night (thank you dad!) and we will then be staying at the Quality Inn on the Strip. It is definately going to be nice that’s for sure. Plus the hotel that we are staying at on Monday night has an indoor pool, so I guess Olivia and I will be definitely going swimming. I love to swim and I can’t wait to go either. Now I need to find some of the floaties we had from the summer. If I can’t not find them then I will check at the dollar stores down there and get another pair. No biggie! I think this is also going to do some good for Terry and I just to get caught up and all.

Well this morning I watered my flowers that I had planted on Saturday evening and noticed that I have two little plants starting to sprout up. They are the marigold’s and I can’t wait until they start blooming. Then it will be time to till up the yard and plant them in the front flower bed that we are planning on doing this year. I am also planting some in pots because they will look very pretty sitting on my side and front porch. I might also purchase some of those hooks that you can hang plants on in the yard and do those as well. Also I am praying that my saplings get to my house soon as well. I really want to plant them. Oh well….I just have to be patient I guess. Ok so it’s time to leave for the day and so I’m going to go for now…but if I have time to write more I will later when I get home from watching Kennedy and Cole. Have a great night ya’ll. Plus I’ll try to take pictures of my two plants tonight and post them tomorrow!

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