The past couple of days have been busy for me. Tuesday night Terry, Olivia and I went up to Raleigh to Carmax which was a complete joke. Carmax rips people off who are looking to sell or trade in their vehicles. Then they turn around and sell the vehicle at a high price. Stupid if you ask me. Then we went to Crabtree Valley Mall to go to The Disney Store to get Olivia a “Mater” shirt but they didn’t have any so instead we got her a stuffed animal of Mater. She hasn’t let that go out of her sight yet. Then we drove on home after Olivia ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A.

Yesterday we had some pretty nasty storms roll through including some that had hail with them. As I was driving one day with Tonya last night to Rocky Mount to Pizza Inn we saw what looked to be snow on the ground but then we realized it was hail. What in the world. I don’t think there were any tornado’s but these were some wicked storms though. Terry said it started letting it down around 3:30pm and it continued basically all through the night. Uggh. I had made plans on doing my exercises but that didn’t happen. It’s ok I’ll do them tonight for sure. I don’t care how tired I am. I know I can do it! Well we ate at Pizza Inn last night and then headed over to Dollar Tree first for a couple supplies we needed. Then it was on over to Walmart to get some more items. I did however pick up several things to start a garden this year. I am going to grow some Big Boy Tomato’s, Lavender (for the color), Sugar Baby Watermelon’s, Spaghetti Squash (mmm…my favorite), Sunflowers (the mammoth size), marigolds and a few other things. I want to make sure that I had plenty. Plus Olivia got a prize since she was dry all day on Tuesday so she picked up a little kit for her to grow her own pumpkins. She is so excited about this too! We got back to Tonya’s house and talked for ever. It’s so nice to have a best friend who is just like you and who you can come up with all things to talk about.

She was telling me last night about a diet that she is trying called “The Rice Diet” and actually it has been used for a long time with people who have diabeties and also who are extremely overweight. Duke University has a program for it and they even have whats called a “rice house” where you go and stay at. It’s pretty cool. I ordered the cookbook for it today and Tonya ordered the regular book. We’re going to share both books and I think get a lot of use out of them. The only reason that The South Beach diet didn’t work for me is due to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have any kind of carbs or starches for 2 weeks and that’s not good on my body since my blood sugar drops quickly. I’m excited about it. It looks like it could be promising for me.

Ok so I better go right now…have to get back to work. but I’ll try to write more later on. 🙂

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