Wow! This weekend has been crazy! Terry was sent home from work on Friday and scared this daylights out of me. I was on the floor doing my Firm workout and almost complete when he came in and started bitching about why I couldn’t answer my phone and where was it? It was sitting on the kitchen counter but it never rang. Jeez! What an ass he was! I still love him though. Well anyways, he was told that he was relieved of his duty Friday night and he thought that he was going to be fired the next day. Wrong, he got a phone call in on Saturday morning asking if he could come into the captains office at noon and talk. He was told not to bring his equipment so that was good. What? Whatever! Anyways, they told him that they have something special for Terry to do in the future so that is good news. Plus it’s about time they recongize him for all of his hard work he puts into that department.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a migraine thanks to something coming to visit me. I didn’t do anything all day long and it was nice but not so nice either. I never get to sleep in and so yesterday morning was like any other day. Olivia had me up at the crack of dawn and honestly I just wanted to go back to bed. I did however take a nap that afternoon just to try to get rid of the nasty migraine I had. It worked kind of and last night I took Olivia out and we got her a new pair of shoes and her Easter Dress. Now I just need to get her some sandals and she’ll be all set. For me I need to get something but I’ll probably wait until the last minute like always. Maybe I’ll be down into a size 18 and have better luck with finding something from Old Navy or something like that. I’ve already measured from last weeks workouts and I have already lost 6″ overall. Wow!! that’s amazing!

Now all I have to say is “If I can do this workout then anyone can do them!” I am normally the largest couch potato but for once in my life I feel like I am doing something for me and not for anyone else. In order for you to do this you have to believe in yourself first! I never thought I would be able to do this but I have heard it from myself too many times and thought about giving up but I just keep telling myself that I’m tired of not finding clothes that fit and want to be smaller than my sister and what I was before I got pregnant which was a size 14/16. I want to be at least a size 8/10 and that’s not a bad thing to look forward too. Plus maybe by the summer I’ll be halfway there! I haven’t weighed in but I will tomorrow. I’m not really worried about my weight either this week since I’m bloated and all. 🙁 Stupid Periods!!! I will be drinking a lot of water this week and tomorrow I’ll even go for a walk at lunch time for at least 30 minutes. I also danced around the house last night and I could do things that I haven’t been able to do for years now since I was out of shape. Exercising is fun now and I can’t wait to show the world and my family what I can do!! Even Terry and my sister have both said they are very proud of me for doing this for me and not for anyone else!!!

Well I’m about to go check out a few cars online. I am especially looking at either the Ford Freestyle, Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. I really like the Accord and have friends that have one and they get good gas mileage which is what we too are looking for. I will only get the 4 cylinder though because they do get better gas mileage and I don’t need to have more power since I already have a lead foot! I guess I better be going now…have to also make lunch for tomorrow and get together somethings to take to work. Have a great night ya’ll!

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