Ok so I belong to ClubMom which is an awesome website to visit for ideas and such and just found a great new idea for Olivia’s party on April 28th. I was kind of thinking that since she wants to have a skating party (her idea since she wants new skates for her birthday) maybe we could have it at a local park or something. Hopefully it will be nice out that day but I guess we have to plan for a backup if it’s not. We do have a great park in Rocky Mount that every now and then I take Olivia too or we have one in Nashville as well. I guess we’re still in our thinking mode really.

Well I got a phone call this morning on my cell phone from DHL telling me that they were at my house and no one was there to sign for the package. What? I knew Terry was home but was he still in bed? I called his number 6 times and got no answer…man was I fuming at that point! Well I called the lady back from DHL to tell her that I got no answer but I was at least 15 mins away and knew she had other deliveries to make. I told her to leave a note on the door and I would make sure that my husband was there tomorrow for the drop off of my Laptop. Right after I got off the phone with her and she was leaving a note, Terry called and I told him to get dressed and go try to catch the DHL lady. I really want my laptop back because I feel so out of place without it. Mom’s computer is nice and I love the Flat Panel Screen but I miss my little laptop and my desk. I seem to actually get more things done with it then I do at mom’s computer. Go Figure right? I don’t know if he signed for the computer or not but I am still livid with him about him sleeping in. Yeah I wish I could sleep in but I never get to because Olivia normally has me up at the crack of dawn.

Tonight I don’t know if I’m watching Kennedy or not but either way I have to go grocery shopping and would have loved to shoot on into Rocky Mount for a few things as well like go to Ross and also on over to Dollar Tree. I can normally get my shipping products at The Dollar Tree and they are the 3M products as well.

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