Sunday Olivia started complaining about her ears hurting but then really said nothing after that. Well last night she was in tears when we got home from picking up Kennedy for the night. She was laying on the couch just in tears and crying and screaming so I put some of the over the counter drops in her ears but that didn’t seem to help. I sent her to daycare this morning but picked her up at 10:30am to take her to her appointment at 10:45am. Well it’s confirmed that she does have an ear infection in her right ear and her left one is borderlined. Sucks doesn’t it? She was put onto Amoxicillin and it’s Orange Flavor this time. Well she went back to daycare because I needed a break from her after the trip to the doctors and to Walmart!

This weekend I now don’t know if I will be able to make my trip to MD or not considering I had to pay $80 for the visit today and still have about $200 more to pay. We are really considering about going and applying for medicaid again and not say that I work at all. Then see what happens. I hate to lie but this is my child we’re talking about.

I have found a couple of cool things online and an awesome website that I go to daily that tells me about Free things I can either Win or get. Well I entered in a Free giveaway that Allure Magazine was having on Friday the 2nd and it was for some Portica Lavender and Citrus Bath Salts. Well lets just say the website was down and so I emailed them stating that I had been trying forever and it was not allowing anyone to sign in. Well they came back saying that their servers were down and they would not be coming back up and that they would count my email at the time they recieved it as an entry. I figured that since I hadn’t heard back from them that I didn’t win. Wrong! I got an email tonight asking me to Confirm my mailing address and I should be receiving my bath salts in 6-8 weeks! What an awesome Early birthday present for me!

Anyways, Terry gave me my birthday present early and it was a little travel stereo for my iPod Nano. How cool is that? I love it! I am going to take it into work tomorrow and hook it up. Can’t wait to start using it there. Plus it comes with a little travel case as well. As for my trip up north I still don’t know yet if we are going to be able to come up there or not. I’ll make up my mind tomorrow evening I guess. I need to figure out if we’ll have the $$ or not. Sucks doesn’t it? but gas ain’t cheap anymore and well I don’t drive a small car either. I’ll keep ya’ll updated though. I might just take Friday off anyways just to spend some time alone with hubby or even my best friend Tonya:) I’m going to bed because I’m beat since I was up most of the night with Livy last night. Have a good night ya’ll!

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