Happy Birthday to me! I can’t believe that I am already 26! It’s hard to believe it now a days. I also realized that a girl that works in the corporate office for Gecko shares the same birthday as me. Happy Birthday to Lauren! Tonight I’m taking Livy over to Tonya’s house and then going to Ichibon’s Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. It’ll be nice for Terry and I to have a night out alone without having a family member watch her. Thank you Tonya for doing this for us. You know I love ya girl as a best friend and as a Sister (since we are so alike!) Plus I loved watching Kennedy Tuesday night and can’t wait to watch her again. This time I think we’ll be ok too since Livy is feeling better.

This morning I was on the phone with Dell Technical support over the fact that my laptop is having some issues we needed to take care of before the warranty ended. The USB Port in the back works when it wants to and also the O key is still on the fritz and when I turn the computer on it makes a loud continuous beeping noise that is very annoying. Dad and I will work on a plan since I will be using Mom’s computer until I get mine back. Sucks doesn’t it? Oh well, maybe they can get it fixed this one and only time. As I’m sitting here I realized that I haven’t done much of anything for work wise, oh well.

As it turns out I will not be going to Maryland this weekend. First I just don’t feel like taking a grouchy child and also we don’t have the money since we have to pay for every visit out of pocket because we don’t have any insurance on both Olivia and I as of yet. It really sucks and we are working on getting it but Health Care Insurance is so High these days and it’s hard to figure out how to pay for it. Anyways, I’m going to go..have todo a few things for now. Have a great day ya’ll!

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