Today we went to Tarboro to see Terry’s Parents. He hasn’t seen them in several weeks and so we thought it would be nice for him to see them. Terry also told me today that if I wanted to make a trip up to Maryland that I may do so. He knows how much I would like to take Olivia to the Aquarium up there and I would like to go to Ikea he said “I think you are allowed to go up there if you would like to.” So tonight I emailed my Aunt Susan to see if we can stay with her Friday and Saturday night and we’ll come home on Sunday afternoon. I will be taking Friday off so that I can go ahead and leave in good time on Friday and try my hardest not to hit any traffic. Plus I really want to be able to see my cousins as well. Maybe this trip I’ll be able to see Scott, Megan and Cole. I haven’t seen them in like forever! On Saturday I’ll be meeting Kristen somewhere probably in Columbia and we’ll be going to the Baltimore Aquarium and Ikea. Then I’ll be going back to Port Tobacco to my aunts house. We just need to confirm it with her before we can head on up there.

Tonight we went to Target and got a few things we needed from there. I really wanted to get a couple glasses for Olivia but they were expensive so I am going to wait until we go to an Ikea instead. Goody! I can’t wait! Then we got a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and Olivia got an Organic Milk. She actually drank most of it so when we went to Walmart for the rest of the things we got her a 3 pack of the same milk she had just drank. I’m glad that we have found a milk that she will actually drink and not play around with. Then we came on home and ate a late dinner, hotdogs and chips. I then went ahead and gave her a bath and she allowed me to blow dry her hair for the first time. She never allows me to do that but I’m glad that she did so she wouldn’t go to bed with wet hair. Thank you sweetie for letting mommy do your hair. It looks so pretty tonight too. Well I’m going to go get ready for bed…I need to get up early and do a few things before I head to work. Have a great night everyone!

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