Today Olivia, Terry and I went to the Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center. We had a really lot of fun together and couldn’t have asked for a better thing to do other than sitting at home. We only had to pay for Terry and I and Olivia got in free since she was 2 and under. I am going to miss my baby girl being 2 since everywhere we go she basically gets in for free. We might have to have another one but then again we kind of like being a family of three right now. We always have an extra chair whenever we go out to put her backpack in and we don’t have to worry about having a full vehicle unless we take other people around in the van as well. But then I really want to have another one so that Olivia will never be lonely and not have another sibling. Just right now it’s not a good time to have another one though.

After the museum we drove to Wilson for some good old southern BBQ. We went to Bill Ellis Barbeque and it was so good. Mmm… the only thing is it made my tummy upset. Thank goodness we stopped for gas in Rocky Mount because I really needed to go. I’ve got to say that it was well worth going to Bills though. We haven’t had any good bbq lately so we needed to go and deserved it. Then we went to Home Depot to look at some Carbon Monoxide Detectors for the house and then we drove down to Sam’s Club to pick up a few things. We ended up getting Relacore for Terry and I so that we can start losing weight together. Terry was the one to suggest them and I think that it’s something that is worth the $$. Well for dinner we had hotdogs and Olivia had fish sticks and tater tots. Yummy.

Tomorrow we are going to my inlaws for lunch and Terry and I will probably be taking Olivia to the park right down the road from their house. We also will be going to Target for something and Starbucks since I have a $5 gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket if I don’t use it. Good Night! I’ll try to load some pictures when I get them on the computer.

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