Ok so after watching a small part of a tv show yesterday on the Travel Channel we have decided that we are going to take a trip to the mountains this summer. It was on the Gem Mines in the North Carolina Mountains and how we can go up there and pay for buckets full of dirt and we might come up with either a Ruby or a Sapphire or even an Emerald or it could be a bucket full of rocks. How cool is that? I have done some searching online today and have found several cool places for us to go to. We are going to make it a Weekend Trip to where we’ll leave first thing in the morning on a Friday and come home late Sunday. Yeah! I’m so excited.

Well last night Tonya and I and the kids went to Old Navy and got some awesome deals. I’m talking tights and leggings and sleeper for only 10 cents. Yeah that’s right 10 cents!!! I couldn’t pass up on that plus I got Olivia a 2 piece bathing suit for only $7. Not too shabby if you ask me. Also I got a few things for me but most of it was Olivia’s clothing. I came out of there with a good size bag too. Then we headed over to Taco Bell and then went to Walmart where I got Olivia her vitamins since she refused to take the other ones because they tasted “yucky” to her. I also picked up a few things that we needed as well. I swear though we spend so much $$ at Walmart is pathetic. We have no lives.

I am thinking about taking a trip to Maryland soon. I want to go up when we have the money and also I might be able to go to my cousin’s Pampered Chef Party she’s having at her house in La Plata. I really would like to go and if I don’t go that weekend then I’ll make a trip up there soon. I want to take Olivia to the Baltimore Aquarium and also to the Science Museum where I’m sure she’ll have a good old time there. I know I did when I was even a teen. I really also want to get up to Columbia to see all of my friends up there. Yeah! I haven’t been up to Columbia since 2002 when I had my Xterra but it’s time that I go up and see my friends for once instead of them traveling down here. I have noticed that a lot of the are still in the Columbia and Baltimore area.

Tonight for dinner I am having leftovers and so is Olivia. then at 7pm I’m going to Red Oak to meet someone who wants all of the magazines I have up on freecycle. And then back home to watch American Idol. 🙂

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