I am so happy that today is Friday! I feel like this week has gone by so slow and I just don’t feel like working really. I think that I will leave work early and pick Olivia up and we’ll come back to my parents house to go visit my grandparents and also to see her Aunt Liz and Granddaddy. Well today is pretty chilly with a good breeze although it’s very pretty out with the sun shining bright. Today I have a candidate who is on an interview and so I’m really hoping that she will go somewhere. I have to call another candidate to wish him good luck for starting his new job on Monday. I am really hoping that I get another placement for the month of February because that would make 3 for this month as well. Yeah!!! Oh I almost forgot I do have another candidate this afternoon for her final interview with an awesome company. I might have to go to that place after I make the placement and see what I can eat.

Since being on this diet this past week I have already lost 4 lbs and I’m still losing. Yes it’s hard staying away from all the breads and all but it’s well worth it. I guess I am going to have to get out there and eercise while Olivia and Terry are taking their naps tomorrow afternoon. I think that can be done. I do have a jogging stroller but here’s the thing…it’s been too cold to even take Olivia out and so I don’t want her getting sick at all. This morning I did happen to notice that her ezcema is back and it’s pretty bad. She has these scaley like patches on her legs and she keeps telling me they itch. So I put some aveeno lotion on the areas but that hasn’t been helping. Next I’ll try my Avon Moisture Intense to see if that helps. I know ezcema runs in the family but it seems like everyone in her class at daycare has it too. The teacher did ask a silly question this morning and I had to chuckle because I thought the same thing. She asked if Ezcema was contagious because it seems like everyone has it these days. I told her No and it was hereditary. I have a couple spots too but my sister has it worse especially on her arms in the winter time.

Tonight I have no idea what I’m going to do about dinner. I’m not even hungry right now so I’ll probably skip lunch just this once. Ok well I am going to go…I might see if my sister wants to go out to eat tonight with Olivia and I instead. We might head on over to Cracker Barrel if we can get there on time. I am really wanting some grilled Chicken Tenderlions and also some greenbeans and collards and I have no idea what else. We’ll see at that point. 🙂 Have a great friday ya’ll!

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