I’m so glad that today is Thursday and tomorrow is FRIDAY!! This week has gone by so slow and I really don’t feel like working today. I wonder if it’s because the we have such nice weather today or not? But anyways, I just want to be at the beach today instead of here inside the office. Today’s high should be in the 70’s and tomorrows high will be in the 50’s again. I wish we could just stick with the warm weather again instead of always going back down to the chilly weather. Ughh! As I’m sitting here writing this blog I’m also eating my awesome kick butt salad that I made this morning. It’s got the meditaranean salad mixture, sliced mushrooms and also some alpha sprouts. Mmm…so good. I can’t wait until I’m ok in eating carbs so that I can eat a tuna fish wrap with alpha sprouts on it. Yummy! Ok I need to stop thinking about breads and just continue to drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and eat no carbs (bread carbs really). Again today I’m wearing my rainbows and it feels so nice to wear them now that it’s not too cold out. I do need to go get a pedicure done now that Spring is right around the corner.

Last night for dinner we ate at Peking Palace because the pork chops still were a little frozen. I avoided eating the crab ragoons while there and it was so tempting too. Instead I’m sure Terry ate plenty for the two of us though. I also stayed away from my favorite chinese food…sweet and sour chicken and the awesome sauce that goes over it. I was so good last night that I awarded myself with a sugar free piece of Godiva Dark Chocolate. Yummy!!! I can’t complain too much. After dinner Olivia & I went to Food Lion to finish grocery shopping and were hoping that we could finish up before the rain would start again. Wrong! As we were leaving it was pouring down rain and instead of anyone asking if they could help me out with my groceries they just stood inside and watched me instead run out there with a 3 year old and get soaked. Annoying that some people want to have jobs but when it comes to their job description they don’t want to have anything to do with it. Now I know why I left Food Lion afterall. The ignorance of some people I guess.

After we got home I beat the rain home…Thank goodness too because I was already soaked from loading the groceries into the van so that we had the time to unload them into the house without getting resoaked. Today I ran to Hollywood Video to drop off a movie for my sister then went on over to Target and got a new cd, Kellie Pickler’s New debut album, got 2 plates for Olivia and also got her some carebears crayons. She had left hers in the van one day and they melted. Now she wants to color in the van and will have some to color with. I mean they were only $1 for them I should have gotten more packets but if I need to I will go back. Then I went into the Starbucks right there and got a $10 gift card for a client and got me a Grande Non-Fat White Chocolate Mocha from there. Mmm…it was so good!!! Anyways, I better go…have to get ready to go pick up Olivia.

Tonight for dinner is the baked italian pork chops and also some kind of veggie for Olivia and I and potatoes for Terry. Yummy!!

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