This morning I woke up feeling really refreshed even though I didn’t go to bed until like almost midnight. Wow! I’m really surprised too. Last night Olivia and I went into Rocky Mount first to the Dollar Tree, then over to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and then it was back home. I didn’t cook dinner last night but instead went to Hardee’s in Goldrock. It was ok but not the best I have had in a while. Oh well…maybe next time it’ll be better. Then we went on home and I unpacked and put the groceries up and got a call from Terry. He needed me to bring his work coat to him because he had left it at home so that’s what we did. We got back into the vehicle and drove up to Enfield. I told him it was just an excuse for him to see his baby girl. After we got back home for the 2nd time Olivia refused to go to bed in her room so we bundled up on my bed and watched Flicka. It’s a great movie and I definately recommend it to all who like movies with horses and especially that has TIM MCGRAW in it.I also cooked some chicken with organic tomato sauce, some oregano, and some diced tomatoes. Mmm…I made it for today’s lunch and maybe tomorrow’s too. It’s all carb free so thank goodness it is. I am really into this South Beach Diet and I hope to lose some weight while I’m on it too.

Tonight I’m going to dinner with Tonya, Cole, Olivia and Kennedy. We have decided to go to LoneStar because tonight is Kid’s Eat Free night! You can’t go wrong with that at all. 🙂 Plus I’ll be able to get a salad tonight as well with my dinner but no bread and starches for me. I’m going to stick with this diet plan because I know I can do it!!! On another note I have purchased the book “Unconditional Parenting” by Alfie Kohn today. I have decided to read this book after having so many problems with Olivia. Last night she actually behaved but that was because she had candy in her hand so it was no problem there. I just sometimes wish that she would listen to me and not expect candy every time we go into a store. Geesh! I think that if Tonya and I are finished with Dinner and going to the Dollar Tree tonight I might meet Terry at Sam’s Club to finish up our shopping for food. We’re still running low on several things like bread and juice and things but we’ll have to see.

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