Let see…this weekend has been quite interesting. Friday night we never took Olivia out to Chuck E. Cheese because we went by there and first off they were extra crowded and second there were a bunch of older teens standing out by the door that we didn’t feel comfortable going in there with Olivia. So instead we went to CiCi’s Pizza and ate dinner there. It was actually good for once and so I got filled up on lots of pizza and carbs! Enough for me to feel sick after we left from there. Then we drove to Tarboro to see Terry’s Parents since Terry hadn’t seen them in a couple weeks. He’s always working on Sunday’s and so it’s hard for him to get over there any other time.

Saturday Olivia and I got up in hopes that Terry too would get up to go get some breakfast. Now, do you think that really happened? Nope! He layed in bed until 11:30am and then was an Ass after that. We got into a large argument about everything and how I felt like I am the one to do everything around the house and he doesn’t pick up a finger to help. Instead he lays there like a bump on a log and does absolutely nothing. So irritating!! Well I got the kitchen and nook done…now to do the rest of the house. I’ll get to it one day this week. Then after we got done fighting I went to Rock Creek to drop off something for a nice woman that got something from me and then it was off to the big double arches to get lunch for Olivia and I. When I got home I thought that Olivia must have been really hungry when I realized that they forgot to put her chicken nuggets in the bag. Yeah how hard can that really be? Stupid People! Anyways, Terry called them and they said we could come back anytime and they would give us some Chicken Nuggets. Then we hit the road to head to Raleigh for the afternoon. Didn’t purchase many things for me…mainly for Olivia. Except I did purchase some new undies from Dillard’s. Olivia got two new things from Macy’s and she is wearing one outfit today. We ate at Fuddruckers for dinner and then came on home. I was so tired and so was Terry and Olivia.

Sunday Olivia and headed over to Tarboro for Lunch and then took a nice long nap. Although it didn’t seem long enough it was. I was just very exhausted is all I guess yesterday. I cooked Olivia some Chicken for dinner and I cooked up a nice steak for me. mmm…I couldn’t have made it more perfect. Tonight I’m going into Rocky Mount and don’t know yet what I’m doing for dinner. I am really in the mood for some grilled chicken tenderlions from Cracker Barrel and then it’s off to Dollar Tree and Walmart for some groceries. I’m not going full shopping but I’ll get some of the major things we need. 🙂 Well I better get going…have to get back to work. Have a great monday!

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