Last night turned into a crumy Valentine’s day. Terry had been in court all day long and had to end up working because some ass wouldn’t come into work his regular shift. I’m so tired of Terry always having to go in for everyone else. It’s not fair to him and not fair to Olivia and I but that’s the life of a police officer I guess. For dinner Olivia had McDonalds and I had Taco Bell. Happy Valentines day to us!

Today was an ok day for me at work. I picked up two new candidates and then also made a placement. I’m happy about that one! I also got paid so that makes it even better for me. We are thinking about taking Olivia to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow night since she has done so well with potty training. She had an accident today at school but the teacher wasn’t aware that she had them on and forgot to ask her if she had to go potty. (Her normal teacher went home sick today.) When I picked up Olivia today we headed on over to Goodwill and found some really nice things. I found Olivia a couple good books to read including a Preschooler’s Bible, and I found a South Beach Diet book that I didn’t feel like paying $30 for the other day at the store. I also found Olivia a nice pair of jogging pants from Old Navy they looked to have only been worn maybe a handful of times and also found her a Playskool Tape player with two microphones on them. I thought I would never find one for I have been looking for one. Thank goodness for Goodwill stores. I normally find great things there and have to go at least once a week so that I will find that great deal.

Saturday Olivia, Terry and I might go up to Raleigh and maybe go to a few thrift stores up there. I want to look for a few more things and maybe I’ll find a bookshelf for the house, if not then I’ll plan a trip up to Maryland and go to the Ikea there. I would really like a bookshelf and a few other things from there for the house. I know its not even 9pm but I’m exhausted, so I’m heading to bed. Good night!

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