Last night Olivia and I went on over to Tonya’s house and ate dinner and watched some of American Idol. We had fish sticks, pigs in a blanket, corn, and some pasta salad. Yummy! I even got to hold little Kennedy and fed her too. I’m so now wanting a little baby! I have got BABY FEVER now and I told a couple friends that I feel like I’m pregnant and dee I guess I’ll have to wait it out…but don’t tell Terry this! He’ll freak out and we don’t want that to happen. Now I know there’s probably no way in Hell that I am but God does work in mysterious ways now a days.

Anyways, Kennedy is so small. She looks like one of Olivia’s newborn cabbage patch dolls but she is so sweet. Olivia did very well with me holding Kennedy although towards 8:30 she was getting sleepy and ill mannered and well then just was being a normal two year old again. She did ask me the other day when would she have a brother or sister? How do I tell her in a couple of years sweetie? Gosh! Last night I had made plans to go home and cook up a meatloaf but then was just too tired after giving Olivia her bath in Aveeno Oatmeal bath for her rash on her bottom I decided to cook up the meat and we’ll have spaghetti instead. Very quick and easy dinner for tonight. I like cooking ahead sometimes that way when we are on a time schedule I can just heat it up and serve it.

Ok so I better go back to work but hope you all enjoy your day!

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