Ok so me and my big mouth decided to speak up at lunch on Sunday and tell Shelley that I would be more than happy to make a cake and bring to the Valentine’s Day dinner at church. Now I’m not opposed to bringing one but that means that I need to figure out what kind of cake I want to make. I am thinking of making one using Fondant. A friend who I have been reading her blog, Covey, gave me a quick and easy recipe for making fondant. I am going to have to use that one as a trial and error cake and take it to church. I’ll then go ahead and precut it there and all. I have found this cool new website, Cake Central, and have found some great ideas on there with beautiful pictures. I am also going to be making my grandfather a cake for his 89th birthday and also to make Olivia a cake of her dreams! She wants the cake from “Cars” the movie but instead of Lightning McQueen she wants “Mater!” There is no cake pan for Mater so I’ll have to come up with a girly idea instead! Below are some pictures that I have been looking at with some quick ideas for the 14th of Feb and also with some ideas for the other two cakes! Happy looking!

I like this look for maybe Olivia’s Birthday…

Another one for possibly Olivia…

Here’s one for Valentine’s Day that I like the best!

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