Last night was awesome. We ended up going to JR’s too which is like a wholesale company in Smithfield and Terry got 2 boxes of cigars and Olivia got three workbooks and some fruit snacks. When we were done there we headed on over to the Nike Outlet. I am so glad we have one in North Carolina because I found the pair of shoes I was looking for there for a lesser price then I would have in any retail store. The pair that I got had the retail price of $90.00 but I only paid $49.99 for them. What a deal right? So the next time that I need shoes I’m going there instead. I wanted to go into the other stores out there but Olivia was crying she was hungry so we went into Ruby Tuesday and ate dinner. It was very good as usual.

Today I got up early to my dismay and took my blood sugar. Once again it was up pretty high, 131 mg. Much higher than it was yesterday morning which happened to be 100 mg. So I guess that I will now have to completely start monitoring my blood sugar more often. When I get paid next Thursday I’m going to order some test strips online at a wholesale price and probably get 100. I think this will work out good for me. Also I’m really hoping that Terry gets a job with the state so that we can get me tested for diabetes. Now I don’t want to have it but I have a feeling I already do. 🙁 Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Well I also got the new meter that I wanted from Accu-Chek Aviva. So we’ll see how that does. I’ll be happy when I do get my fastings under control! Maybe I’ll feel better then. I also went walking today and did very well. It was so far my personal best and I haven’t walked in over 15 days. So this was very good for me to just start back up. But the weather has been so ify lately that everytime I was going to go out it would start to rain. Today’s weather is very chilly but nice and sunny out.

Tonight we’re going to head on over to Sam’s Club in Rocky Mount. We need to get several things from there and I think I’m going to pick up some fresh avocado’s for some spread, some other items to help out with the whole healthy aspect of my goals this year. Ok well I need to get going…have to get back to work for the rest of the afternoon and make phone calls. Have a great Friday!

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